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CE 507

I have 2 CSS and a CE 507. It is confugured for failover. The failover is working fine between 2 CSS. Let just call 2 CSS are Pri_CSS and Sec_CSS. Right now CE 507 connected to a port on Pri_CSS, the problem is when the Pri_CSS fails, I have to manually connect CE 507 to Sec_CSS in order for Cache work on Sec_CSS.

Question: Is it possible for me to connect both CSS and CE to L2 Switch device so that if the Pri_CSS fails, the Sec_CSS still see the Cache ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: CE 507

Yes, this is possible - just configure the CSS units in active / standby mode. Configure the Pri_CSS as the master and the Sec_CSS as the standby. The easiest way is to use the 'Full Redundancy' mode, using the 'ip redundancy' command. Just ensure the Pri_CSS has the highest IP address to ensure that it becomes master. Configure your layer 2 switch VLAN on both CSS units with the 'redundancy' command and a VRRP VLAN between the two CSS units with the 'redundany-protocol' command. Be aware that after a failover, even after the master recovers, it remians in the backup state and requires a manual switch back. Hope this helps.



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Re: CE 507

Thanks a lot, Darren. It works perfectly.

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