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CE-560 Not caching as CFS size in getting filled


I have configured CE-560 for http caching by giving CFS file system of about 60Gb space. But it has been observed that every 10 days or so, this space will get filled up and hence browsing comes to a halt. I thing the content is not getting cleared and hence its getting accumulated. If I clear all the http cache manually it will start working.

Is there any way to solve this so that no manual intervention is required.

CE560#sh statistics cfs

CFS statistics


Disk 0

Total disk space = 28576841728

Total disk space used = 28573696000

Total disk objects read = 7272519

Total disk objects write = 7371831

Total bytes of disk read = 49107116544

Total bytes of disk write = 129403715584

Disk read errors = 0

Disk write errors = 0

Disk 1

Total disk space = 29788995584

Total disk space used = 29785849856

Total disk objects read = 7606048

Total disk objects write = 7657032

Total bytes of disk read = 50013465088

Total bytes of disk write = 134195707904

Disk read errors = 0

Disk write errors = 0



New Member

Re: CE-560 Not caching as CFS size in getting filled


I am not too sure if there is a dynamic way to clear the cache. From what I have been able to gather from the documentation,

The cfs clear command deletes nonbusy objects from the specified cfs volume. A nonbusy object is an object that is not being accessed (read or written). The cfs clear command (without force) deletes all possible objects without generating a broken GIF or HTML message to the client.

The cfs clear force command deletes all objects, busy or nonbusy, and may generate broken GIF or HTML messages for objects that were being read from the disk when the command was executed. If an object is being written to the Content Engine disk when a cfs clear force command is executed, the application stops caching that object but still delivers the object from the web server to the client.

You could also use the clear cache command which removes all cached contents from the currently mounted cfs volumes. Objects being read or written are removed when they cease being "busy." The equivalent to this command is the cache clear or cfs clear command.


Re: CE-560 Not caching as CFS size in getting filled


You could use the cron feature on the CE to perform a standard automated task if you would like. You could create a cron job on the CE that launches periodically to clear the cache. If you would like to do this, please let me know and I can put together an example.


Pete Knoops

Cisco Systems

New Member

Re: CE-560 Not caching as CFS size in getting filled

Peter, I'd like to see that example...

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