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CE 565 Performance tunning

I have configured wccp on cisco router 3600 with CE 565.Everything is running fine and CE is caching site and serving it, but i have some performance issue.

1- Sometimes their is a error message on the Clinet IE. Page not found error ?

2-CNN.COM is taking long time to load.

3-Users are unable to access the Hotmail sit.

I appreciate any input.


Re: CE 565 Performance tunning

Here are a few things you could try.

1. Turn on the debug http cache command when you try to access sites that are not working. Check the error message to nail down the cause.

2. Turn off wccp and check if clients are able to access all URLs or use debug ip wccp {events|packets}

3. If the CE and the clients are in the same subnet, make sure you have 'ip route-cache same-interface' on the interface as shown in this link

4.Check if you have configured static or dynamic bypass for any of the sites.

New Member

Re: CE 565 Performance tunning

thanks for your reply,

i have solved most of the problem, but now i am facing only one problem, their always come on the client Internet explorer, page not found error message on the first page, every time user have to refresh this page to solve this problem.

any idea how i can solve this problem.


Cisco Employee

Re: CE 565 Performance tunning

it could be because the first attempt goes through the CE and due to an error while connecting to the server, the CE create a bypass entry so the next attempt [after refresh] works ok.

Do a 'sho bypass' to see if the counters are increasing.

If so, check why you have errors with the destination server using a sniffer trace.

If the CE does not have a public ip address or if the public ip address does not have a reverse DNS entry some servers may not accept the connection.


New Member

Re: CE 565 Performance tunning

Thanks for your reply,

Actually the CE is working as a proxy server and its pointing to another outgoing proxy server, their is no way that the CE will directly go to the internet and communicate with any web servers , although the CE have the Public ip address.

Is their any chance of reverse DNS lookup for the ip address of CE?

I am seeing the following counter increase in output of show bypass summary, what does it mean ?

Connection bypass due to Facilitate Error Transparency.


Re: CE 565 Performance tunning

Khalid -

This counter increments when the CE receives an error requesting content from a web server (or in your case, perhaps the proxy server). A more detailed explanation can be found here:

You should sniff the traffic between the CE and the upstream server to determine what the issue(s) are.


New Member

Re: CE 565 Performance tunning

I want to remove this message appear on the broweser of client, how i can do that

The requested URL could not be retrieved


While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

All configured outgoing proxies has failed to server request. Please contact administrator to check outgoing proxy or configuration.


Generated Wed, 24 Dec 2003 11:00:42 GMT by (Application and Content Networking System Software 5.0.3)


Re: CE 565 Performance tunning

khalid -

Are you getting this message for just If so, we should find out why the upstream proxy is not responding to the request. If, for some reason, you wanted to bypass the upstream proxy for requests to, you could accomplish that with the following:

proxy-protocols outgoing-proxy exclude

You can also configure the ce to bypass the upstream proxy when it fails:

http proxy outgoing origin-server

However, this assumes that the upstream proxy is not responding to any requests, not just


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