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CE-566 Crash

We have Cisco 500 Series CE-566 content engine problem.


The last few days it has been stopping to respond but after restarting and checking through console access it starts working.


This has happened a few times.


See attached information.


ANy troubleshooting tips is most welcome, because I am not familiar with CE-566.




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Re: CE-566 Crash

Any pointers to a link with troubleshooting this kind of information will be good.

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Re: CE-566 Crash

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Re: CE-566 Crash


You can try looking at the crash files (/local/local1/crash//4/analysis.x) and see if there is anything there, however I don't see anything in the syslog that stands out as to why it's stopping responding. The crash files may contain the reason your box is crashing and should probably be looked at by the cisco TAC. This could also be a problem where the device stops responding due to an issue with the hardware, and then the files are created when the device boots. Reguardless, the TAC can decode the crash files and get some more answers on it for you.

I also see you are running ACNS 5.2.1 which is a very old version of code and is at the end of support in March this year ( I don't recommend code upgrades unless there is a major reason, however without seeing the crash file and having it analysed by the TAC, it's tough to tell you what to look for. I would start with the TAC, but I would also look at migrating to a newer version of ACNS.

Hope that give you some pointers.


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