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CE & CDM on different sites running nat

I have a CE590 on a remote site behind a pix running NAT. The CDM resides in another location also behind a firewall running NAT. We have created static translations and opened up the necessary conduits for each.

However, when the CE registers with the CDM, it does so using its private internal address. Consequently, the CDM cannot communicate with the CE at the remote site. TAC has told us that the CDM should use the ip given in the header, but that doesn't seem to be the case....any ideas?

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Re: CE & CDM on different sites running nat

This is a know issue. A CE can reside behind NAT without a problem. The CDM can not. The CDM's address must be an address that directly accessable from within the Content Delivery Network. It can be packet filtered etc etc but can not be behind NAT. You problem here is that the CDM is behind NAT not that the CE are.

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Re: CE & CDM on different sites running nat

Thanks for the worked once we moved the CDM out from behind NAT. Do you know if this is an issue that will be resolved at some point? Is there a bugfix ID? Again, thanks for your help.

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