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CE560 and problems with Websense onboard

I am testing Websense on the local CE to filter URL's. I recently had to move it from a test environment to a production environment and in the process had to change IP addresses. I used the Websense ChangeIP utility to do this but now when I try to access the CE with Websense manager I get the following error: Cannot read configuration data from /EIMServer/Global/OldConfig/K2097153. Error 1100021762. In the config.xml file on the CE, there is no K2097153 listed under the OldConfig section. Also, when I go to the CE Web GUI the Websense server says it cannot connect to openserver on localhost.

I have spoken to Websense and they have not helped me at all at this point.

Any help on this problem woud be greatly appreciated.

New Member

Re: CE560 and problems with Websense onboard

Resolved. Copied a configuration file from a working CE560 and replaced the IP's in the configuration file with the IP of the new CE and WebSense is now working.

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