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CE560/WCCP/Websense dies - lot of RST's seen

We have a CE560 which we use for caching and websense integration for almost 2 years w/ no problems. Recently, Internet browsing complaints from customers have ramped up. Have an open case w/ TAC & thought might be hitting 100% every 30 min bug but some info we sent development now shows the cache engine is getting a huge # of RST's which looks like it may be causing the issue.

We're wondering if our Checkpoint NG FP3 firewall may be sending the RST's & if anyone has had a similar issue w/ a similar config. Need advise on a place to start looking on the checkpoint (or really any other firewall) w/ regard to the possible RST's issue. Don't expect much help from the FW guys unfortunately.

Our config is 6000 wan & lan users funnel to 2 6513's doing wccp v2 to single CE560 which sits behind a Checkpoint/Nokia FW cluster. ACNS 5.1x w/ websens onbox. Same problem when websense was on Win2k server.

I understand the CE560 to be rated to about 25mb throughput & we're currently running our Internet DS-3 at a max of about 12mb so I would hope load isn't the main culprit here. We turn wccp back on, browsing fast & blocking works. Within minutes it stalls.

TIA for any insight. Our users are having WAY too much fun while CE/Websense is down <G>


Re: CE560/WCCP/Websense dies - lot of RST's seen

I've seen that the PIX sometimes denies the last packet in a TCP connection and sends a TCP RST. This happens intermittently, but may be related to amount of data transferred during the connection (it seems to occur when there is little data transferred). However am not sure if it holds good for the Check point firewall too.

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