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changing the hostname on a CSS11501

I must be missing somthing obvious but I can't find a command to change the hostname from CSS11501.

I've gone through the bootup config.

I've tried adding a host with the management ip address or an active circuit address.

Can I change the name without losing my running config?

Thanks - Steve

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Re: changing the hostname on a CSS11501


I don't believe there is a hostname in the normal sense in a CSS. There is a 'PROMPT' command that changes your prompt, but has no affect for other hostname like services (like CDP).

The prompt is specific to your user profile in the CSS. If everyone logs in using the same user name credentials, they all get the same prompt. Just remember to use the 'save_profile' script to save those changes particular to your profile. Use the 'show profile' to display current profile settings. This will not cause you to lose your current config.

I hope this answers your question.


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Re: changing the hostname on a CSS11501

Yes you can change the prompt using:

Changing the CLI Prompt

The CLI default prompt displays as the product model number followed by the # symbol. The CSS adds a # sign to the prompt automatically to indicate SuperUser mode. To change the default prompt, enter the prompt command as shown in the following example (maximum of 15 alphanumeric characters):

CSS11800# prompt CSS1-lab


To save the new prompt, add it to user or default profiles. To restore the prompt to its default, use the no prompt command.

NOTE- You need to save this to the DEFAULT PROFILE.

Copying and Saving User Profiles

Use the copy profile command to copy the running profile from the CSS to the default-profile, an FTP server, a TFTP server, or your user-profile. The options are:

copy profile default-profile - Copy the running profile to the default profile

copy profile user-profile - Copy the running profile to your user profile

copy profile ftp - Copy the running profile to an FTP server

copy profile tftp - Copy the running profile to a TFTP server


Note If you exit the CSS without copying changes in the running profile to your username-profile or default-profile, the CSS prompts you that the profile has changed and queries whether or not you want to save your changes. If you respond with y, the CSS copies the running profile to your username-profile or the default-profile.

I posted the links to the guides below.

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