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Cisco ACE 4710 cluster and time synchronization


I just would like to know whether it is important to have same time on both nodes of ACE 4710 cluster. I read the documentation (hope I did not missed something) and did some labbing and have not found any problem with having different time on cluster nodes. But because I know that having wrong time on cluster nodes can cause problems with other clustering solutions (I mean clustering solutions in general from different vendors), I would like to be sure whether this can cause problems or not to Cisco ACE 4710 cluster.

Any answers are highly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your help.


Zdenek Rottenberg

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Cisco ACE 4710 cluster and time synchronization

Hi Zdenek,

As per documentation i don't find anything either.

But when you set the "clock" on ACTIVE, since it is in the configuration it should sync  up to standby. Do you see that or it remains different for two devices and doesn't SYNC up? I haven't tested myself and don't have the luxury of two 4710's at the moment.

But i would generally suggest to have the same time on both. Helps in troubleshooting if an issue shows up like connection replication, failover etc:)



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Cisco ACE 4710 cluster and time synchronization

Hello Fnu,

Thank you very much for your answer.

If you set the time on an ACTIVE node, then it is not synchronized with a STANDBY (secondary) node.

But, anyway, it is good to know that I did not overlook some important info in documentation. I also checked and of course this supportforum and did not find anything about Cisco ACE clustering and time synchronization problems.



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