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Cisco ACE DoS

We have a security scanning tool  that has overloaded the ACE during it's scans due to the high number of connections it creates towards the servers.

I would like to configure the ACE so that it can protect itself from DoS attacks, specificailly I want the ACE to be able to limit the rate of incomming connections.

I came accross the feature "Configuring Rate Limits for a Policy Map", in here:

But I am not sure how the policy map is applied. Is the configured limit-rate applied per server farm/VIP? or per interface? Should I configure the rate-limit class-map under the load balance policy, or under a seperate policy?

I found the below statement in here:


The ACE applies these rate limits to each class map that you associate with the policy at the virtual server level."

What does the above statement mean?

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Re: Cisco ACE DoS


Try the following:

host1/Admin(config)# parameter-map type connection RATE-LIMIT-TAC
host1/Admin(config-parammap-conn)# rate-limit connection 100000

policy-map multi-match client-vips  
class slb-vip    
loadbalance vip inservice
loadbalance policy slb
nat dynamic 5 vlan 50
connection advanced-options RATE-LIMIT-TAC >>>> apply it here!


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Re: Cisco ACE DoS

Thank you.

According to the document, the parameter map is applied to a Virtual Server through the command

connection advanced-options

But what I actually want to achive is to make the box protect itself, and not the servers/virtual servers. This is because the security scanning tool overloads the ACE itself, making it unavailable, and causing and outage for all server farms.

What I am looking for is a global command that applies to the ACE, that will limit the overall connections comming into the server, without specifiying a virtual server/real server.

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Re: Cisco ACE DoS


You can also try this:

To limit the maximum number of ACE connections, create a resource class and then use the following commands:

Through-the-ACE connections—limit-resource conc-connections

To-the-ACE connectionslimit-resource mgmt-connections

Make sure that you assign the current context to the resource class.

For details on security features on ACE i would also suggest to go through the below link:

Let me know if that helps.



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