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Cisco ACE Module CPU&Memory Resource Allocation

Can i allocation CPU and Memory resoruces to each virtual context on the ACE module. If one conext ultilizes high CPU or memory, does that affect other context?


Re: Cisco ACE Module CPU&Memory Resource Allocation

Per the datasheet-

Virtual devices provide a means for creating resource segmentation and isolation, allowing the Cisco ACE appliance to act as if were several individual virtual appliances within a single physical appliance. Virtual devices enable organizations to provide defined levels of service to up to 20 business organizations, applications, or customers and partners from a single Cisco ACE appliance.

Complete separation of the following:

• Configuration files

• Management interfaces

• Application rule sets

Customized, guaranteed resources per application for the following:

• Throughput

• Connections per second

Capability to limit and manage the allocation of the following Cisco ACE resources:

• ACL memory

• Buffers for syslog messages and TCP out-of-order (OOO) segments

• Concurrent connections (traffic through the Cisco ACE)

• Management connections (traffic to the Cisco ACE)

• Proxy connections

• Setting of resource limit as a rate (number per second)

• Regexp memory

• SSL connections

• Sticky entries

• Static or dynamic network address translations (xlates)

You don't allocate CPU/memory, but you can set limits on resources listed above which generally map back to CPU/memory utilization. The CPU/memory are "global".

Hope that helps.

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