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Cisco ACE Server Load Balancing Question (Newbie)

I am taking over a network that already has a Cisco ACE installed and i have a couple of questions.

The cisco ACE is conected to our core switch in our data center. All four ports on the cisco ace are setup in a channel-group.  The Port Channel Interface is setup as a trunk and vlan 16,19,24,25 and 29 are allowed.

VLAN 16 - Is used for the management of the device

VLAN 19 - Is currently assigned to the 5 servers that run one of our applications

VLAN 25 - Is were the Virtual IP address for servers.

vlan 24 and 29 aren't really used at this time looks like they are setup for future use.

My question is, if i wanted to load balance 2 different servers running a different application, that are currentlly assigned ips on VLAN 8. Do I have to change the ip's on those 2 servers' so they can run on VLAN 19?  Or can i just leave them on VLAN 8 and setup a new virtual context and allow them on the Port Channel Interface, or will this cause problems with the other 100 servers that are on vlan 8.

I guess I am wondering why there was a specfic vlan created for the 5 servers that are now going through  the Load Balancer and why they didn't just leave all the servers on VLAN 8 and only setup the ones you need to be load balanced.

I have never worked on the ACE before so my question may sound a little werid. 

Let me know if you want me to clarify something.



Cisco ACE Server Load Balancing Question (Newbie)

Hello Frank,

Here you have a link with some additional information:

You can include that vlan 8 into the channel.

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