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Cisco Ironport C170 Rapid Inflow of Emails Being Blocked

We are seeing something unusal. Well unusal to us anyways. The Cisoc Ironport is actually working as it needs to but here lately we've been noticing a rapidly increasing amount of emails trying to spam our email system but being blocked by the reputation filter which is great. Is there not any way to keep this number from increasing any more? Doesn't it seem odd that we can go from blocking 3000 emails by reputation filtering to now blocking over 40000 in just a couple weeks time. Should this be a concern? Again, these are being blocked correctly by Ironport and not getting into our domain but it's just a concern of ours that we are all of a sudden getting so much emails trying to spam our Exchange server. The majority of the emails are coming from a domain.

I am new to the Cisco Ironport game so to me this is a big concern especially since the number increased so much in such a short amount of time. Should we be concerna nd is there anyway to remedy that amount of email trying to come through?

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