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combination bridged mode routed mode CSM

We run an active/standby pair of

CSM with SSL WS-X6066-SLB-S-K9

currently we have our real servers in 2 vlans: 116 and 117. our VIPS are mostly in the client vlan 119. load balancing works fine.

We now want to load balance between real servers in the 116 vlan. So far we have been unsuccessfull to get it owrking. I suspect because we essentially require a configuration that combines routed with bridged mode.

has any one been able to configure such a setup? Is it possible at all?

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New Member

Re: combination bridged mode routed mode CSM

This type of topology is not 'bridged mode'.

When you has source and destination of load-balancing process in the same subnet (in your topology vlan116) you need use source NAT (client nat in CSM terminology).

Let me explain it:

1. client (srcIP-vlan116) sedn request to VIP (VIP-vlan116).

2. CSM process (modified) request and send it to dstIP-vlan116 (src IP is srcIP-vlan116) (*)

3. server receive request. It will resopnse to srcIP-vlan116 and response is not delivered through CSM, but direct. TCP communication is not possible, because client's request is modified on the CSM.

* when CSM modify source IP for example to one of IP addresses of CSM, response from server is send always to CSM and not direct.


Re: combination bridged mode routed mode CSM

Yes you can run CSM in Hybrid mode (routed & Bridge mode).


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