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Configuring sub-domain for GSLB using CSS with DNS

DNS server not talking to CSS for subdomain as mentioned in document

"Basic Global Server Load Balancing Site Redundancy Using the CSS with DNS"

is there any special command on CSS to make it compatible to bind ?


Cisco Employee

Re: Configuring sub-domain for GSLB using CSS with DNS

I'm not sure what is your problem, but there is no compatibility issue between CSS and Bind normally.

The docuement you referenced only says, in the background section, that the DNS server itself needs to be configured so part of your domain is handled by the CSS.

So, your dns server handles all request for your.domain but there is one NS entry forwarding request for www.your.domain to the CSS so the CSS can answer the dns request.

The css is not able to handle all types of dns request (ie: email server ip address request) so you can configure a 'dns forwarder' on the css to forward the request to another dns server.

See the following for dns forwarder config example



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Re: Configuring sub-domain for GSLB using CSS with DNS

We add NS record for CSS in our primary DNS server but DNS server not forwarding request for to CSS. Do you have DNS config which we can use as reffernce

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