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Configuring The CSS 11501

This can't be that difficult can it? First off the user manual is like reading a doctor's surgery manual. Content Service = the servers you want to load balance? Do I have to configure a Virtual Ip first? Does anyone have a site that's no cisco orintated that can better explain this. I am not a cisco expert and after working with this switch....i will be more careful on the nex product i choose.


Re: Configuring The CSS 11501

To set up CSSs for VIP redundancy, you must configure a virtual router on each CSS that will participate in the redundant configuration. A virtual router is an entity within a CSS to which you associate an existing VIP. A VIP becomes redundant when you associate it with a virtual router. You can configure a maximum of 255 virtual routers for each VLAN.

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Re: Configuring The CSS 11501

I had the same difficulties when start to learn about this.

A few weeks later, and many hours testing, gave me some knowledge.

Im not an expert, but could learn about some basic concepts.

Content Rule : A kind of Match Rule, where the best match ones, deliver traffic for the "services" you include it in.

Services : The server/machine, where u want to balance. It has the keepalive feature to dynamically learns the up/down service.

If u had configured in the matching content rule 2 services, to balance between 2 servers, u must have 2 services configured.

That keepalive could be done by protocol, icmp, http, port x, y, z, etc...

Well, we could be here writing many concepts more, but if you need more specific information, you could ask here everytime you want.

Best Regards,

Bruno Petrónio

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Re: Configuring The CSS 11501

Repeated post, Sy

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