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Configuring WCCP on routers and ACNS for use with Digital Signage


I have just started implementing a Digital Signage solution which has the following -

- Head office router

- Head office ACNS wae

- ACNS manager


- Remote office router

- Remote office WAE

- Remote office DMPs

So far I have the DMM publishing successfully to the ACNS but I am having trouble working out how to use WCCP with the ACNS/Digital Media solution for traffic interception. Should I be using a dynamic service port like ip wccp 99 or ip wccp web-cache ?

All the media is stored on the DMM at head office.

Also I have the 2 WAE devices configured as cache engines, should the central WAE be configured as a content router?

Any configuration examples which have been used with Digital Signage and ACNS would be great.


Re: Configuring WCCP on routers and ACNS for use with Digital Si

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Re: Configuring WCCP on routers and ACNS for use with Digital Si

That white paper is good but I had to log a TAC case as there were some things it did not cover such as the network (router and switch ) configuraion for WCCP.

Also there is an issue when ACNS is used it changes the URL in your DMPs so that 8080 becomes 80 so that the packets can be redirected to WAE devices. The symtom of this issue is a butterfly playing on the DMP because it cannot access content. So to fix this I had to make all my DMPs go via the ACNS system even the local DMPs which had previously been connecting directly to the DMM.

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Re: Configuring WCCP on routers and ACNS for use with Digital Si

There should be no need for dynamic services for a Digital Signage implementation. For almost all of the intercepts you will be using the "web-cache" service.

If you have decided to use WCCP as your intercept method (which is the best for DMS) you will not need a content router.

This is a config example, but I have enabled more WCCP services because I am using the Video Portal in parallel with the DSM.

!use this ACL to control your wccp redirection

ip access-list extended 148

permit ip any

deny ip any any

!WAE configuration

clgy-pcc-04-wae7326-a#conf t

clgy-pcc-04-wae7326-a(config)#wccp version 2

clgy-pcc-04-wae7326-a(config)#wccp router-list 1 <--- Your WAE Router / gateway

clgy-pcc-04-wae7326-a(config)#wccp web-cache router-list-num 1 *optional l2-redirect

clgy-pcc-04-wae7326-a(config)#wccp rtsp router-list-num 1 *optional l2-redirect

clgy-pcc-04-wae7326-a(config)#wccp wmt router-list-num 1 *optional l2-redirect

clgy-pcc-04-wae7326-a(config)#wccp wmt-rtspu router-list-num 1 *optional l2-redirect


!Router configuration, enable wccp globally

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c#conf t

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)#ip wccp version 2

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)#ip wccp web-cache redirect-list 148

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)#ip wccp 80 redirect-list 148

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)#ip wccp 81 redirect-list 148

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)#ip wccp 82 redirect -list 148

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)#ip wccp 83 redirect-list 148

!Now enable wccp on the vlan or network you want to redirect traffic from, in most cases this is the user data vlan(s)

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c #conf t

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)#interface vlan 279

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)#ip wccp web-cache redirect in

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)# ip wccp 80 redirect in

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)# ip wccp 81 redirect in

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)# ip wccp 82 redirect in

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)# ip wccp 83 redirect in


!Ensure on your router that you configure the WAE inferface (VLAN) wit this command

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)#int fa0/x

clgy-pcc-04-6513-c(config)#ip wccp redirect exclude in

Simple? I am using ACL 148 to control the WCCP because I did not want my WAE's to take over all user traffic. I only wanted them to redirect if they are going to a specific subnet, in the case above the subnet is where my DMS infrastructure is hosted. Whenever a user clicks on content in the Video Portal WCCP will be utilized, the same goes for the DMP's.

You also brought up the fact that once you enable ACNS in the DSM it changes the url to port 80 instead of the default 8080 that communicates with the DMM. This is required because the web-cache will only be triggered for port 80 traffic. Once you have enabled the ACNS feature you will no longer be able to do immediate deployments to your DMP's unless you schedule a future deployment and generate the manifest file. The manifest file holds all of the information for scheduling. So if you do not have your presentation published in your "future deployements" that presentation will not be avail be to your DMP's. On the other if you were to schedule all of your presentations to play from 00:01 to 23:59 you would be able to do immediate deployments because the manifest files allows the release of content to the DMP.

confused yet?

I was in the beginning, I would suggest that you open up your CDM and view the manifest file that is being generated. It holds alot of clues in to what is happening.

If you have furthur questions I am available offline

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Re: Configuring WCCP on routers and ACNS for use with Digital Si

Well it all makes sense now after having installed it. One thing the client asked about though was how to creat a default image so that when a DMP becomes disconnected from the DMM it will play a default logo image.

Is there a way to do this I could not find it.

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