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New Member

Conn id in 'show conn' display - ACE

I would like to identify the latest connections in the 'show conn' table. Does the table build up in a linear fashion i.e. the latest con is the last row. Can timestamp be enabled on the 'show conn' display. Also, how is the conn id generated. I don't see it in sequence.

Cisco Employee

Re: Conn id in 'show conn' display - ACE

The conn id is normally sequential.

But there are 2 IXP and both have its own conn_id counter.

Moreover, we re-use connid that have been freed when a connection is closed.

You could do a 'show conn detail' and look at the "elapsed time: 145:49:29".

The highest value will be the first connection.


New Member

Re: Conn id in 'show conn' display - ACE

Thanks. Could you please explain what is IXP.

Cisco Employee

Re: Conn id in 'show conn' display - ACE

ACE is actually the combination of 3 CPU.

The Control Plane (CP) which is the management side - holds the configuration, answers snmp queries, sends probes,...

The IXP are the 2 CPU actually switching the traffic.

They are also called network processors or NP.

This is the 2nd column of the 'show conn'.


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