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Connect to VIP from real (internal) machines - loop back


I have a setup similar to this example

HTTP request comes and hits the CSS on the vip through external IP, gets into internal vip IP, which load balances to machine A, B & C.

Every machine can ping each other machine and can ping the internal and external vip addresses. HTTP Request comes in and gets load balanced fine, Everything works fine. life is good.

I have a requirement where any on the machines (A, B or C) should be able to connect to the VIP on port 80 (which will eventually gets loadbalanced to A, B or C like a loop back). How can i achive this?

Machine A, B and C are able to ping the vip address(both internal and external) but is not able to connect to port 80.

when i do a telnet to VIP( on port 80 from machine A (, it takes a long time to connect and times out. in the CSS i can see the service hit and the flows listed.

CSS11503# sho flows

--------------- ----- --------------- ----- --------------- -- ---

Src Address SPort Dst Address DPort NAT Dst Address Prt InPort OutPort

--------------- ----- --------------- ----- --------------- --- ------- 80 32799 TCP 1/2 1/2 32799 80 TCP 1/2 1/2

Can anyone tell me how to load balance requests to port 80 both from internal to CSS machines and external to CSS works.

thanks in advance,



Re: Connect to VIP from real (internal) machines - loop back


The only way to achieve this is to use a "group" on the CSS which will NAT the initial server connection to the VIP and change it's source address.

Here is a link to how to configure groups (also known as source groups") on the CSS

Hope this helps..


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