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Content checking on SLB in 6500

Hi @ll,

I am using a SLB module in our 6500. We have multiple VIP's and servers configured. So far, so good, quite easy.

We check our real servers using a simple probe (http). I am reading a small HTML file on the server. I expect HTML code 200 and that works for half a year now. Still no problem.

Our serverteam has some kind of watchdog running on the server which is able to check to content of the server. If this is ok, the watchdog creates a file with content "OK"...if not ok, the content is "ERROR". The watchdog is not able to remove the file.

Because I am only checking the existence of the file, the server is always operational according to the SLB, wether the content of this OK or ERROR.

I want the server to become "Failed" if the content is "ERROR"

I am afraid that I have to use some kind of script to read the content of the file. Does anyone have an example? I have downloaded some scripts from the Cisco website but those scripts do not read the content. My knowledge of TCL is minor...


Dennis van der Wulp

New Member

Re: Content checking on SLB in 6500

There is a site called . You could visit this site to learn the basics of scripting and also find the latest scripts and examples.

Hope this is useful.

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