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Content rule Content CSS 11 500 question

I have the following question, the port number in a content rule is this the port to witch the content switch forwards or to witch he listens on.

Suppose i have an url

when i receive this on the content switch i want to redirect it to the backend on port 8080. How can i do this.

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Re: Content rule Content CSS 11 500 question

inside the content rule, the port command indicates the port the CSS listens on.

If you want to forward the connection to a different port, you have to configure it inside the service using the port command as well.


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Re: Content rule Content CSS 11 500 question


A quick example of what you are trying to do is this:

Service Server1

ip address z.z.z.z

port 8080 <-- Port for backend server



content L5_HTTP

vip address x.x.x.x

port 80 <-- Port rule is listening on

add service Server1

add service Server2

add service Server3


Hope it helps.

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Re: Content rule Content CSS 11 500 question

For example we have the following rule.

service server1

port 40918

ip address

keepalive frequency 20

keepalive retryperiod 60

keepalive type tcp

keepalive port 40918

redundant-index 110


content rulename

vip address

redundant-index 114

balance leastconn

add service server1

add service server2

add service server3

add service server4

protocol tcp

port 40918

url "//*"



I don't realy understand this rule. Especially the url "//*

How will processing this content rule work? First match DNS name?

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Re: Content rule Content CSS 11 500 question


Your content rule is what we call a Layer 5 Content Rule since it has a HTTP URL field in its matching criteria.

This means the CSS will be listening for traffic that is heading towards VIP Address on port 40918 AND that it matches a certain URL. This URL in your case is "//*".

When traffic is initiated to VIP, the CSS will use Layer 5 information such as the URL included in the client requests to match the traffic to this content rule.

When you use a browser to access this desired page, your DNS will probably return for, telling your browser to make a request to VIP and URL "//*".

Please take a look at this link for more information.

Hope it helps.

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