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Content Switch sending request to both servers


I have following configuration on the content switch and it send the request to both the servers. due to two tcp stream from going via two different server it second request fails and generate false alerts.

It was working fine but since last week it is giving lot of false alerts.

content StatePMVQLMVMS_8PR3

    vip address X.X.X.X

    add service W8PRAKLQLM01_StateVMS_8HTTP3

    add service W8PRAKLQLM02_StateVMS_8HTTP3

    advanced-balance sticky-srcip

    port XXXX

    protocol tcp


Please let me know what should I check to get this fixed. I hardly work with content switch.

Is there a way I can set up to send all the request to primary server and when it dies then and only then it send a request to secondary and when primary comes back online it restore back to primary ????

I am fine if it does not load balance .. but at least it stop sending false alerts..


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Cisco Employee

Content Switch sending request to both servers

Hi Vyas,

service server1                       !--- This is your main server.

  ip address

  keepalive type tcp

  port 80


service sorry                         !--- This is the server to which you want to default if the primary fails.

  ip address                    

  keepalive type tcp

  port 80


content Green

  vip address

  protocol tcp

  add service server1

  primarySorryServer sorry            !--- This is important here.


Note: After the CSS 11xxx directs requests to a primary sorry server, the switch continues to use the primary sorry server, even when the original server becomes functional. In order to force the connection back to the original server, you must suspend the primary sorry server or wait until the connection is dropped or times out. When the CSS 11xxx initiates a new session, the connection goes back to the original server.

Hope this helps.



New Member

Content Switch sending request to both servers

yup that will work as work around.. thanks Rajesh..

Do you know why it suddenly sending request to both the server .. it send to first server and then send to another server.. immidate after that..

Kind Regards,

Nilay Vyas.

Cisco Employee

Content Switch sending request to both servers

Hi Nilay,

You have configured sticky based on src-ip which means that as long as src IP remains same  the user would be sent to the same server.

Now a situation where CSS starts sending the request to different servers could be due to the fact that sticky table was full. In that situation a new connection from same user will be load balanced according to the LB method.  If the sticky table is full and none of the sticky entries has expired, the CSS rejects the new sticky request.

You can use sticky-inact-timeout to ensure that sticky entries flush out after they have been inactive for some amount of time.

Please visit the below link for more details about it.



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