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CSE - Cisco Streaming Engine - ACNS

Aparently the Cisco Streaming Engine can be used to stream voice/video from a file. I have configured the Content Manager to push files to the CE, and can see it requesting the info from the webserver.

The problem is that I cannot get the CE to start streaming the files sent to it. Packet capture shows no data to the multicast ip/port specified.

Anyone done this before and mind sharing their experiences. Any help/guide appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation

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Re: CSE - Cisco Streaming Engine - ACNS

I'm just beginning to do this for our organization. AFAIK, ACNS supports either REal or Windows Media streaming but you have to pay extra to get the license that supports either. We are in the midst of installing our CEs that are intended to play prepositioned Windows Media content. We had to but a license and install a Cisco generated key on each content engine that will support streaming.

See Chapter 9 of the ACNS Centrally Managed Software Guide for details (probably similar stuff for standalone management).


Re: CSE - Cisco Streaming Engine - ACNS

Hi Jacques,

Here's some tips from my experience with CSE:

First, CSE is pretty much the same software as Apple's Darwin Streaming Server - so I'd recommend first setting up a test with that to get a good handle on how streaming works. Once you have your content positioned on the darwin streaming server start quicktime on the client and open up the content using rtsp://server/ (or whatever). If that works ok you can then pre-position the content on the Cisco Content Engine using whatever method works for you. Then, you need to configure quicktime on the client to use the CE as it's proxy server so that the CE can intercept the client requests and stream the content when requested (or use wccp for the redirection part).

It's a bit limited in what it can do, but it works and it's free (which is a big factor if you have hundreds of content engines...) If you come up against it's limitations then you might need to buy a licence for either Real or Microsoft's streaming servers.



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