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CSM 4.2(10) Config Sync Status Delay

With the latest CSM 4.2(10) code I've noticed that after initiating a config sync from the active CSM it takes approximately 30 secs for the standby CSM to register the configuration download status as 'PENDING'. CSM code prior to 4.2(10) would register the status instantaneously. The risk with this is anyone who isn't aware of this delay could potentially 'write mem' too soon and risk saving a partial config to the standby CSM. I've actually seen this happen where a big chunk of the standby CSM config was missing because 'show mod csm 1 status' was not used before doing 'write mem'. Is this delay with 4.2(10) code normal behavior?


Re: CSM 4.2(10) Config Sync Status Delay

Hi Long,

Which version of IOS you are using on your switch. Use IOS Release 12.2(18).

A configuration synchronization check for the active and standby CSMs may fail for configurations that contain the following subcommands: script, ARP, variable, match, failaction, NAT client, probe, domain, and url-hash. When you use these subcommands, and then you change configurations only in the active or the standby CSM, the wrong configuration synchronization state might be displayed. The module might incorrectly display synchronized configurations as "out-of-sync," and configurations that are out of synchronization as synchronized.

Resolved in Cisco IOS Release 12.2(18).


Sachin Garg

Community Member

Re: CSM 4.2(10) Config Sync Status Delay

I appreciate the info but we're using 12.2(18)SXF train.

Just to follow-up on the issue the config sync feature is sort of unpredictable with CSM code 4.2(10). I've had one instance where a config sync was initiated but it never actually occurred. A subsequent config sync did occur after the previously reported ~30 sec delay.

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Re: CSM 4.2(10) Config Sync Status Delay

If you haven't already 'show mod csm 3 tech-support ft' will give you some interesting stuff like LRP and HA errors. Sniff the ft vlan, issue a sync command and see if you can see anything.

Also what are the logs saying when the problem occurs?

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