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CSM and a sorry server

Can someone who has done this before guide me in how to set up a sorry server on a csm. . The documentation isnt helping me out alot. I'm doing 2 csm's in ft and sticky ip and if that service/server isnt available while failover is happening..I want it to redirect to a sorry server to display a mesage to refresh or try again

thanks in advance


Re: CSM and a sorry server

If you are running stickiness, you have the option to maintain connections stuck to the original server in the primary serverfarm. If the server goes down, that as soon as it comes back online, the client is sent back to the original server that it was using .

You could also stick them to one of the servers in the sorry serverfarm. When the primary comes back online, clients stuck to a sorry server will still be sent to the sorry server till the sticky timer expires.

I am not sure about how to display the message though. Some one else might be able to help.

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