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CSM: DFP Agent has stopped trying to connect

I have a CSM configured to connect to a global workload manager (GWM) via SASP. The GWM has been down for an extended period of time. I restarted the GWM but the CSM has stopped trying to reestablish a connection.

sh mod csm dfp detail shows:

DFP Agent Connection state: Failed Retries: 15405

Keepalive = 65521 Retry Count = 0 Interval = 180 (Default)

Based on this output, I would expect the CSM to retry every 3 minutes but "Retries:" has been stuck at 15405 for over an hour now.

I'm sure that I could delete/redefine the dfp statment to cause a retry to occur, but I'd much prefer that the CSM would continue retrying, no matter how long it takes. I could find no indication of a max # of retries in the documentation.

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