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CSM failover

I have two CSMs located at different cities (VA and MA). In CSM, it has a feature that you can make one CSM is active and the other CSM will be standby in different 6500 chassis.

In my case, I have one 6500/CSM at Virginia and 6500/CSM at Boston. They are on different network (they are in routed network). How do I make the active/failover work in different subnet and what is the configuration looks like. Thanks

Cisco show me that create 1 vlan for active/failover, but the CSMs are in the same subnet.


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Re: CSM failover

what kind of connection do you have between the 2 sites ?

Do you have a Layer2 link between the 2 ?

Are you using the same subnet at each site ?

I would personally not configure them is active/failover scenario.

I would simply configure each site separately and use a redirect on the main site pointing to the backup site when this one is down.

This is what I explained to you in the other question you posted.


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Re: CSM failover


I understandthe use of redirect on the main site point to the backup site when all server in local site are down.

The most I concern was, if the entire local site is gone (example: the building including network equipment, CSMs, router, ect...)

The link between Virginia and Boston is 6MB circuit ( layer 3 link, NOT in layer2) but Virginia site and Boston are in our routed network. Is there a way that I can configure each of CSM in different subnet, going through a routed network (not routed through Internet) and still perform a Active/Failover on the CSMs.

I am using a different subnet between the 2 (Virginia and Boston).

What kind of Cisco device that can do this funtion (Active/Failover) through a routed network.



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