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CSM health probe for server farm with multiple vservers

Is there a way to specify the vserver port that a health probe monitors when multiple vservers are configured for the same serverfarm? Let's say I have a serverfarm named farm1. farm1 services two ports www and https so two vservers vserver_www and vserver_https are configured and bound to farm1. I would like to enable http health probe on farm1 with the intention of only monitoring vserver_www http port but, instead, the health probe monitors both www and https and since a http probe on https fails it takes farm1 reals and both vservers vserver_www and vserver_https out-of-service. Is there a way to configure a health probe to monitor a specific port? Or, should I create two duplicate serverfarms farm1 bound to vserver_www and farm2 bound to vserver_https and only enable http health probe on farm1? Any other ideas welcomed.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSM health probe for server farm with multiple vservers

if this is a tcp probe, you can specify the port inside the probe definition with the 'port ...' command.


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Re: CSM health probe for server farm with multiple vservers

Appreciate the feedback. I also found what I was looking for in configuration examples. To summarize I've borrowed the comment from the URL below:

# The port for the probe is inherited from the vservers.

# The port is necessary in this case, since the same farm

# is serving a vserver on port 80 and one on port 23.

# If the "port 80" parameter is removed, the HTTP probe

# will be sent out on both ports 80 and 23, thus failing

# on port 23 which does not serve HTTP requests.

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