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New Member

CSM HTTP Probe issue

I am using the HTTP probe shown below. When we shutdown our backend application the server is returning a 500 response code to the client but the CSM does not remove it from service.

probe TEST http

request method get url /test/engine

expect status 0 499

interval 10

failed 10

port 8001

What if any difference is there between

request method get url and

request url

Is there any way that I can see the last response code that the CSM received?

It looked like it wanted to fail but didn't:

CSM#sh mod csm 8 probe real

real =, probe = TEST, type = http,

vserver = D-TESTVIP, sfarm = D-TESTSERVER

status = OPERABLE, current = 16:44:21 EDT 07/22/08,

successes = 1714, last success = 16:44:16 EDT 07/22/08,

failures = 35, last failure = 16:33:55 EDT 07/22/08,

state = Waiting for server to reply

CSM#sh mod csm 8 probe name TEST

type port interval retries failed open receive


http 8001 10 3 10 10 10

Thank you,



Re: CSM HTTP Probe issue

You can see the response code in CSM debug mode


VENUS# TestHTTP "" 80 is the server ip and 80 is the port number.

Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

New Member

Re: CSM HTTP Probe issue

I'm not sure I understand what your telling me here. I have done a debug mod csm 8 probe and have not seen anything. I don't understand the command you typed

testHTTP "" 80

Where is this a valid command? or am I missing something?



Re: CSM HTTP Probe issue

I thought you wanted to see what response CSM is getting from the real server.

The command I mentioned is a debug level command that is used to troubleshoot probes.

Using it in debug mode (VENUS) you will see what response CSM gets from the real server.


New Member

Re: CSM HTTP Probe issue

I do. I'm not understanding something because that is not a valid command.

Re: CSM HTTP Probe issue

If your CSM is in slot x then you need to do following

Router#session slot x processor 0


CSM> venus


Once you get the VENUS prompt then you can use the command I mentioned.

Expect status in your probe config is using a big range.

If you only expect 200 for a success then use 200 200 only as the range. This will ensure that any 4xx errors are not keeping the srver live.


New Member

Re: CSM HTTP Probe issue

Ok thanks. I had never seen anything on this venus mode before. It doesn't accept the command though. I get Symbol 'testhttp' not found! when I enter the command. I have version 4.2(3a) of the CSM code running.



upgrade slot0:|server-ip-addr filename

create virtual ...

destroy virtual ...

rename virtual ...

add pool ...

remove pool ...

bind virtual-name ...

unbind virtual-name rule-id

reorder virtual-name ...

set balancer ...

classify acl ...

address system ...

show virtual ...

load cfg-filename

restore config defaults|flash|backup

debug ixp rd|wr chip addr #dwords

stats real [rserver-name]

script [file [slot0:script_file|tftp_addr script_file]]

capture [on|off]


tftp core_dump tftp-ip-addr [filename]


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