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CSM HTTP Return Code Checking

I am having troubles with a HTTP return code probe I am trying to create. (see config below). I have a vserver built that allows connections to any TCP port, I cannot get a HTTP return code probe to work.

I have tried the following three scenerios:

1. When the vserver is set to allow any TCP port, I can run the command "show mod csm 2 probe name SERVERASP3 detail" and the output looks like this:

NCWS1SWC2A#sh mod csm 2 probe name SERVERASP3 det

probe type port interval retries failed open receive


SERVERASP3 http 5 2 30 10 5

Probe Request: GET /server.asp

Expected Status Codes:


real vserver serverfarm policy status

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ JRRRTST JRRRTST (default) ???

2. When I change the vserver to only allow connections to "www", then the probe works fine....(status shows operational).

3. When I change the vserver to allow connections to HTTPS, the real goes to a PROBE_FAILED state.

Our users hit this vserver using both HTTP and HTTPS, so I am not sure how/if I can get this to work.

serverfarm JRRRTST

nat server

no nat client

predictor leastconns

real <real-IP-address>



vserver JRRRTST

virtual <virtual-address> tcp 0

vlan 246

serverfarm JRRRTST

replicate csrp sticky

replicate csrp connection

persistent rebalance


probe SERVERASP3 http

request method get url /server.asp

expect status 200

interval 5

retries 2

failed 30

receive 5

Cisco Employee

Re: CSM HTTP Return Code Checking

It's because you did not specify any port in the vserver or serverfarm.

So the CSM doesn't know where to see the probe.

Use the port command inside the probe setup.

Also, you should really split your vserver per port - one for http, one for https,....


Community Member

Re: CSM HTTP Return Code Checking

Thanks Gilles...that worked, I knew it was something simple I just didn't see it. I agree with you about specifying the port, we are going to run this way for a period of time and narrow it later based on FW access from our private network.

Thanks again...JEff

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