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CSM Load Balance redirect

I have a request to do a redirect on a CSM load balance device and I am not sure how to go about doing it.

The request is to send traffic destined for to I already have a serverfarm created for, I guess I could create a vserver with a unique IP address for and point it at the same set of servers, but how would I append the "/folder/folder/page.jsp" on to the request?

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Re: CSM Load Balance redirect


The only way you can do HTTPS to HTTPS redirection is if you have an SSL module or also if this module happens to be a CSM-S. To be able to redirect encrypted traffic the CSM needs to inspect first the L5 information contained on the HTTP header. Once the SSL card has decrypted the traffic you can configure a webhost relocation serverfarm to ask the client to send the request to which will be sent to the 443 vserver that is already taking traffic for

Hope this helps.

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Re: CSM Load Balance redirect


I didn't think of that, you are exactly right.....I do not have a CSM-S or the SSL module to offload the certs to the CSM so it wouldn't be able to read the header....they're just going to have to do the redirect at the webserver.

Thanks again.....Jeff

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