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CSM Modes Compatibility Question

We are planning design with two CSM modules to be used in conjunction with SSLM modules both sets in redundant Catalyst 6513 chassis with Sup 720.

For the CSM, I have read that Secure Router Mode and Bridged mode can be supported by the same CSM. My question is: Can CSM One Arm Mode also be configured on the same CSM supporting Bridged and router modes for other SLB scenarios?

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Re: CSM Modes Compatibility Question

Yes you are correct. CSM One Arm Mode can also be configured on the same CSM supporting Bridged and router modes for other SLB scenarios. This will work without any issues. Only thing the configuration has to be done correctly. In most cases why this setup doesnt work is because of a configuration issue.

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Re: CSM Modes Compatibility Question

Thank you for the reply.

When VLANs are associated with CSM, are they configured on CSM only or are they also configured on 6513 switch? If also configured on 6513 switch, are all configurations (one-arm, routed, and bridged) compatible with both Layer 2 and Layer 3 SVI VLANs?

In general, if separate VLANs are used for routed and bridged modes, we should have a correct configuration provided the return traffic is routed back correctly to convert the MAC and/or IP addresses back. The one-arm mode should also use separate VLAN(s)? And the return traffic must also be routed correctly. I want to use bridged mode for Layer 2 DMZ VLANs associated with an FWSM virtual Firewall Context.

Routed mode will be used for some remote server load balancing. I envision using one-armed mode for some traffic normally routing via the MSFC by adding static routes pointing to CSM VIPs.

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