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CSM SSLM Performance Issues

I'm having some issues with a newly deployed CSM SSLM. We are conducting performance testing and I amd seeing very slow response times. I have adjusted the "delayed-ack-timeout" to 50 from 200 seconds and turned "OFF" Nagle. This has seemed to help tremendously but things are still off. What other variables can I adjust to improve performance? Has anyone had any similar issues before? I am running SSLM 3.1.(1) and CSM 4.1.(6) both Safe Harbor Releases. Bellow are some performace numbers gathered from Silk testing.

Web Server SSL:

37.0 ms SSL handshake

1.4 ms server busy time

3.6 ms received time


9.4 ms SSL handshake

6.8 ms server busy time

62.0 ms received time

Let me know what you guys think


Cisco Employee

Re: CSM SSLM Performance Issues

Is that for a single page download from one client ?

Or are you testing this under load - many clients ?

could you use bigger files and see if the response time is more equal ?

Be aware that the SSLM is designed to handle many simultaneous connections and may therefore look not as good as a server when testing with a single connection and small transfers.


Re: CSM SSLM Performance Issues

Yes single page from one client. No load with a file size of about 5k accoring to our server admins.

Re: CSM SSLM Performance Issues

Ok just an update in case anyone is following this. We also set the ssl-policy, close-protocol to "none" and looks like this did the trick. Much thank yous to Antonios Dakopoulos from Cisco TAC for the assitance in getting this issue resolved. Giles thank you also for all your help and expertise!!!

New Member

Re: CSM SSLM Performance Issues

what does the "close-protocol to 'none' do?

just wondering,



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