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CSM - TCL script to show concurrent health checks

CSM's have a limitation where the control processor can only manage 200 current health checks at one time. This problem arises if you have a number of serverfarms and a probe with short intervals like 2 seconds, if the 200 limit is reached which has happened, the health checking can be delayed to say 40-60 seconds instead of 2 seconds configured, because the 200 limit has been reached the control processor is unable to cope.

Question: I would like to run a TCL script for say 24 hours. Running command (sh mod csm x tech probe) say every 30 seconds to see the “low and high” open sockets in system during this period. I'm new TCL any ideas?

'Open Sockets in System' below : 180 / 240 - shows you are using 180 concurrent TCP health checks out of 200 available (not 240), confirmed this with Cisco

sh mod csm 3 tech probe

Software version: 4.2(6)


------------------ Health Monitor Statistics -----------------


Probe templates: 9

Suspects created: 1257

Open Sockets in System : 180 / 240

Active Suspect(no ICMP): 10 / 200

Active Script Suspect : 0 / 50

Num events : 1257

ICMP suspects: 20

Healthy suspects: 20

Failures suspected: 0

Failures confirmed: 0

TCP suspects: 1233

Healthy suspects: 1094

Failures suspected: 0

Failures confirmed: 139

HTTP suspects: 4

Healthy suspects: 2

Failures suspected: 2

Failures confirmed: 0

Probe attempts: 1199350153 +14976231

Total recoveries: 1681206 +481

Total failures: 93768 +110

Total Pending: 0 +0

Cisco Employee

Re: CSM - TCL script to show concurrent health checks

look at a tool called rancid to collect information via telnet or console.

Rancid makes use of expect.

You can also use directly expect and write your own tcl script.


Community Member

Re: CSM - TCL script to show concurrent health checks

Thanks, I'll give this a try.

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