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CSM URL Redirection

I have two DNS names that point to the same IP address ie and I would like to create a policy to look at the incoming reqest and if it is for perform a redirect so that the customer's browser then points to This is to overcome cert issues with the request being made to the wrong URL. It looks like this could be done with a DNS map but I don't have a GSLB license and that seems like it might be overkill for this one request. Anyone have any other suggestions??

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Re: CSM URL Redirection

if you have a css you can create a content rule that catches the url "//" and add a redirect service to it that points to "".

in the csm you can also create a redirect serverfarm:

rp(config-slb)# serverfarm redirect

rp(config-slb-sfarm)# redirect-vserver REDIR_1

rp(config-slb-redirect-)# webhost relocation

rp(config-slb-redirect-)# inservice

rp(config-slb-redirect-)# exit

rp(config-slb-sfarm)# end

rp# show module csm 3 serverfarm detail

Cisco Employee

Re: CSM URL Redirection


with the csm you can create a header map to detect which host is being called.

map MAP1 header

match protocol http header Host header-value

Then use the map with a policy like this

policy MAP1

header-map MAP1

serverfarm REDIRECT


Finally, apply your policy to the vserver.

vserver AAA-BBB

vip address x.x.x.x

slb-policy MAP1


My concern is that to work, the user has to come to your website in HTTP, to be redirected to the correct site and then be redirected to HTTPS.

If the user open a connection directly in HTTPS, then this won't work since the CSM will not see the host [it will be encrypted] and to perform the decryption you need to use the appropriate certificate.

My advice would be to take a new address, so that each site gets its own.


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Re: CSM URL Redirection

That is what I'm trying to accomplish but it is HTTPS already and while I do have an SSL module I'm not allowed to decrypt this traffic so it looks like I'm out of luck on this one.

Using this could solve another issue I have though. Can you use a policy to match on an or condition such as if the host is or goto the redirect farm?

Thank you


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