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New Member

CSM Weight 0 issue

Has anyone tried to assign a weight of 0 to a serverfarm on a CSM. Documents conflict as to whether this is valid or not. We have tried it and when you do a Show mod csm real you see a weight of 1. The traffic statistics also validate that a value of 1 is being assigned. We are using 4.2(1) code. Any chance this is a bug??

Cisco Employee

Re: CSM Weight 0 issue

CSCed41637 - Show commands display weight of 1 when weight is configured to 0

The bug is not fixed yet.

I believe the solution that will be adopted is to prevent a weight of 0 to be configured as it has no effect.

Not sure what you expect from a 'weight 0'.

If this is the graceful service shutdown, simply use the 'no inservice' command.



New Member

Re: CSM Weight 0 issue

The person who built this config was trying to get traffic to go to the server with a weight of 0 when the other server in the farm failed. There is already a backup farm configured so this was not an option (Yes it's an odd requirement). This worked on the CSS's and it was expected to work on the CSM. I did just discover the inservice standby command and hope this will satisfy my requirement.

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