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CSS 11000 Load Balancing Question

I have a Cisco CSS 11000.  Right now it has the advanced-balance arrowpoint-cookie command in it.

I think this is creating issues. It seems that for some reason my users get stuck to one server and their requests are not load balanced to the other servers behind the CSS.

Could this cookie be the cause of this?

Right now my config for this rule looks like the following:

content apache-rule

     protocol tcp

     port 80

     url "/*"

     add service apache1-e0

     add service apache1-e1

     add service apache2-e0

     add service apache2-e1

     ===> there are five servers so I wont bore you with the rest of that part

     advanced-balance arrowpoint-cookie

     redundant-index 1

     vip address range 2


Is there a better way to load balance or is this even the issue?



Re: CSS 11000 Load Balancing Question

Sounds like things are working as they should. If a client comes in without a cookie it gets load balanced to a server (using round robin - default) and then a cookie is inserted. All subsequent requests from that client will go directly to the server due to persistence.

Now, if *all* of your clients are getting stuck to one server, make sure the other servers are ALIVE and available for load balancing. A look at the services might help isolate the issue as well, if you'd like to provide that output.

- James

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