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CSS 11500 Re-balance services after service failure

We have 3 servers in our server farm and under normal circumstances wish to balance them unevenly such that the 3rd server only gets a small proportion of the traffic. The other two should be equally balanced. (Say 45, 45, 10).

When one of the prime servers (1st or 2nd) fails we wish to distribute the load across the remaining 2 evenly.

We are currently considering a cmd-sched script which will monitor the status of all three servers and reset the weights in the case of a server failure.

Is there a better way, preferably without a cmd-sched script?

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Re: CSS 11500 Re-balance services after service failure


This is messy but it should work. Configure multiple services for each server. Then use keepalive scripts to make some of the server3 services show as down if both the other servers are up, but if one of server1 and server2 is down, then all the server3 services show as up. You need to end up with the same number of reals configured for each physical box and vary the scripts so that most of the server3 services are down when the other 2 servers are OK.


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