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CSS 11501 Controlling Outbound Traffic

Dear All,

I need to know if it is possible to control outbound data traffic using the Cisco 11501 Switch in the following scenario.

I have two application servers, one of which is the primary and the other is a standby backup server. If the primary application server goes down for hardware or http get request failure reasons, all incoming data traffic should be swicthed by CSS to the standby backup server. When the primary is active, the standby should not send outbound traffic.

The problem I am facing is that both primary and backup application servers are active in the sense that both servers send outbound traffic to external servers trying to establish authentication and neither gets authenticated.

Is it possible for the css to disallow outbound traffic from the standby server when the primary server is active and only allow it when the primary server has failed.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS 11501 Controlling Outbound Traffic

there is no option to do this.

However, you could create a script that would enable/disable some acl when the primary server goes up or down.

Tricky. But feasible.


Re: CSS 11501 Controlling Outbound Traffic

Where I need to create a script, and how to use it..?

plz try to give one config example for the I try my best but unable to do so...


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