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New Member

CSS 11501 possible disk failure

Hi guys,

One of our CSS11501 cannot finish the boot process, complaining that there is no primary or secondary boot record:


Copyright (1998-2002), Cisco Systems, Inc

Locked boot flash.

Validating operational boot flash, please wait...

Operational boot flash valid. Jumping to operational boot flash.

Copyright (1998-2002), Cisco Systems, Inc

Operational boot flash.

Attaching interrupt handlers...Done.

Built Mar 9 2006 @ 17:56:32


Press <ESC> to enter the Diagnostic Monitor

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ran 1 times, 24 tests. Detected 0 errors.

Booting OffDm @ 0xbff00000


Initializing the disk...OK

Reading configuration records...

No Primary or Secondary Boot Record Found


and the it takes me to the Offdm.

I folloowed the recommended steps but whe I chose to check the disk it can't find it:

Check volume in which PCMCIA slot? (0,1): 0

Correct errors if discovered (yes,no): yes

Quick check disk? (yes,no): yes

CheckDisk(-) No device in PCMCIA Slot 0!

the same for slot 1.

Any hint?

Your help will be apreciated.

Thanks in advance


Cisco Employee

Re: CSS 11501 possible disk failure

David, if the check disk shows no disk, then probably you have no PCMCIA flash disk or is bad.

Did you physically check the slot 0 and slot 1 and confirmed that the disk is present?

Let me tell you that if this is a new CSS, it is probably that was shipped with no disk, the disk though is necessary for the device to work since there is where WebNS software and config gets loaded.

If the disk is there, then again is probably miss-placed or bad, also there is a possibility of a bad SCM.

Are you able to test with a working PCMCIA card?

Please let me know!!

Diego M

New Member

Re: CSS 11501 possible disk failure

Hi Diego,

Thanks for your reply.

It was working just fine. Two hours ago, we try to reboot it and the headache begans.

We have a ASR topology and fortunately the other is still working. Unfortunately I can't stop it and switch the PCMCIA.



Cisco Employee

Re: CSS 11501 possible disk failure

Can you try taking out the Flash card from the bad CSS and place it on the other slot? or just reseat it on the same slot?

You mentioned that you try to do a chkdsk and says there is no disk, if it was working before, it seems or the disk went bad or the SCM did.

If this wont work, I would suggest opening a TAC case so that we can see if replacing the SCM is needed or the Flash drive.

New Member

Re: CSS 11501 possible disk failure

I will do it asap, and let you know he result.


New Member

Re: CSS 11501 possible disk failure

Hi Diego,

I tried the PCMCIA card on both slots (0,1)but with the same failure result. I think it is lost.

Can I use any PCMCIA card, or must it be a Cisco one.

Thank you very much


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