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New Member

CSS 11506 with passive SCM

I have a deployment with a single CSS 11506 with two SCMs, each SCM has a hard drive in slot 0 and flash in slot 1. The software version is 7.50. These are my questions:

1.Currently I have everything mapped to drive 0, does it make sense to map secondary boot to drive 1.

2.What does make sense to use the flash drive in slot 1 for?

3.Currently I have the passive boot record configured the same as the primary boot record. Do I have to use the "passive sync" command every time I make changes or does the system keep the active and passive SCM in sync?

4.I read an old post that there is no way to do a failover test to the passive SCM, is that still true?


Cisco Employee

Re: CSS 11506 with passive SCM

1 & 2 - can't comment. There is no recommendation or best solution here.

3- the passive sync is always required. The SCM are not synced automatically.

4- no failover test. Not sure what kind of test you are looking for.


New Member

Re: CSS 11506 with passive SCM

Thanks Gilles. The test I am looking for is to insure that the passive SCM does fail over correctly.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS 11506 with passive SCM

There is no transparent failover to a backup SCM.

If the primary SCM fails, the CSS will crash and reboot and if it can't detect the SCM in slot 1, it will boot from the secondary SCM.

So, your test would simply be :

- power down the CSS

- remove SCM from slot 1

- put power on

The CSS should boot correctly from the secondary SCM.


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