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CSS and a Sorry Server

I have been trying to get my CSS 11506 to redirct to a Sorry Server when our content servers go offline. We thought that we had it working, but after some downtime it turned out that our configuration did not work.

After extensive reading I can't figure out what is wrong with my config, or if the problem lies else where. I am attaching my config below, can anyone tell me if they see any problems with what I have or if there is something that I need to do in addition to what I have. Thank you for you help, here is the config:

*************************** GLOBAL ***************************

no restrict web-mgmt

no restrict xml

bypass persistence disable

snmp community ******read-write

snmp name "******"

snmp contact "*******r"

snmp location "CSS11056"

snmp trap-host ******

dns primary

ftp-record ****** *** des-password

ibfebcgg6aheuc4h1hfcqhpcubwdxcjb cssgui

ip route 1 !


interface 1/1

phy 1Gbits-FD-sym !


circuit VLAN1

router-discovery lifetime 1000

ip address



service Blade01

ip address


service Blade02

ip address


service Blade03

ip address


service Blade04

ip address


service sorry

ip address


!*************************** OWNER***************************

owner ***

email-address ******

content Content1

vip address

balance aca

add service Blade01

add service Blade02

no persistent

primarySorryServer sorry


content Content2

vip address

add service Blade03

add service Blade04

balance aca


!*************************** GROUP***************************

group content1nat

vip address

add destination service Blade01

add destination service Blade02

add destination service sorry

group content2nat

add destination service Blade03

add destination service Blade04

vip address

!**************************** ACL ****************************

acl 10

clause 5 permit any destination content ****

sourcegroup ****

clause 6 permit any destination content ICC/flippid

sourcegroup Content1

clause 99 permit any any destination any

clause 2 permit any destination content ****

sourcegroup ****

apply circuit-(VLAN1)

clause 7 permit any destination content ****

sourcegroup Content1

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS and a Sorry Server

One problem I can see is that you don't have any keepalives configured under the services, so they will default to a Ping. As long as they respond to ping, it will keep traffic going to those servers.

What services run on these Servers? We generally recommend you use as higher layer keepalive as possible, so if it is a web server for example, use a HTTP keepalive.

Have a look here for more info:

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