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CSS and ibm MQIPT

Hi to all,

I've a problem with CSS keepalives and IBM MQIPT listening on port 1431.

I send tcp keepalives with tcp-close rst. It seems that MQIPT register the connection opened by the CSS but don't close the connection when the CSS send the rst. When i reach the maximum number of parallels connections permitted by MQIPT the service go down. I also tried with tcp-close fin.

Have you any idea about this problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS and ibm MQIPT

We don't have much options : it's either FIN or RST.

If none work, this could be bad.... what about possible hackers opening connections wihtout closing ??

Anyway, you could try to write a script probe that would actually send some data before closing.

Quite often with IBM this is required.


Community Member

Re: CSS and ibm MQIPT

I think it's an application problem because the netstat command on the OS don't show many connections opened. I think that MQIPT don't decrease his counter because our FIN it's OK for the OS but it's not OK for the application.

Thanks for your reply.

I will try to investigate the problem and, if needed, to write a probe script.


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