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CSS Compress Lab

Hello All,

I'm trying to make a lab with the compression feature of the CSS11501S-C-K9, with SW Version, but i guess its not working.

I've the following design:

Client <---> (VIP CSS <---> Switch (Service

Network / 24 <--CSS--> Network / 24

The switch is configured as "http server", and then we can manage it in a WebBrowser, (in this case IE7), opening html files from the switch. (html directory has several html files)

I.E. "", after selecting the cluster manager.

But when i perform a browser session, i think that the compression is not been made... :(

The data is beeing Bypassed and not compressed, and i cant understand why...

Here are the config and the show service compress, in the both files.

Could anyone give a light on this ?

Best Regards,


Cisco Employee

Re: CSS Compress Lab

if the server is responding with version 1.0 or if the file extension is not in the list of supported extension, then there is no compression.

This is described @

The stats seem to indicate that the version is not correct or the file extension.

Have you checked with a sniffer trace ?


Community Member

Re: CSS Compress Lab

Hello there,

Tks for ur reply. I'm a litle bit lost in this issue and i really aprecciate all your comments and suggestions.

Tomorrow i will do a trace, in order to see what type of http is the switch replying.

Meanwhile, when u say the file extension compression may not be supported, its not supported on the IE browser, right ?

The compression that i want is from the CSS to the client. Is this configuration well done for my goal ?

Many Thanks,


Cisco Employee

Re: CSS Compress Lab

this is explained in the link I sent you.

The CSS can only compress file with a specific file extension. The list is in the link.


Community Member

Re: CSS Compress Lab

You were right, the switch is transmitting http v1.0, and not v1.1 .

So the CSS can't compress it, and it's bypassing information.

I will perform a test with a router 1760, which have http v1.1, and i will test the same configuration.

I had another question that i didn't saw answered in the document, which is the following.

In the "content rule switch", i match the url "/*.html", and all requests matching this is been directed to service compress.

As the document refer, the *.html files are possible to compress. But if i need to compress only Java Files, and dont want to compress anything else? What do i need to configure?

Can the CSS compress only some File Extensions and not the other possible? How?

This is equal for the Content Type. Can we define what we want to compress? How?

Sorry if this is somehow obvious, and im not getting there.

Best Regards,


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