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CSS config Help needed - can Client IP address inserted to frame going to Servers ?

I have configured CSS to use Group command to loadshare port 80 on our internal servers. and it works the internal server wants to see the SA of the client - to display them differnet web pages --When I take group command out so that servers can directly respond to the client PC - which it does - but it nevers completely shows the web page...( may be becasue of Asymentical traffic) - so is there any otherway, the servers  can see the SA of the client ?

I understand that ACE can provide client IP header to the Load balancing servers but can CSS ?

There are many threads about this topic but I did not see specific response about way to setup any insert....!!

"Header-field-group " - can it provide way to insert SA to servers ?

ThanXs in Advance for help...


Cisco Employee

Re: CSS config Help needed - can Client IP address inserted to f

CSS does not give you the ability to insert the client IP in a header. Your only solu

tion would be to change routing and have the server use the CSS as it's default gateway then no use gro

up (don't source nat)

You can do this on the ACE but not on CSS

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