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CSS Configuration Question

I have configured the CSS in our test lab. I have done a basic configuration. When I go into the Web browser and put in the VIP address, I get nothing displayed. I currently have a CDM pushing data to my CE device. I have my services configured and they are active.

If you could point me in the right direction.



Re: CSS Configuration Question


Re: CSS Configuration Question

Have you looked at your return path, i.e. the path the traffic will take from the server back to the client?

For the CSS to work properly, it needs to see the traffic in both directions. If the path through the CSS is not the optimal path for return traffic (or you are in a "one-armed" configuration) you will need to setup a source group with a VIP address that makes sense for your scenario and add your service as destination services in the group.

This will result in the CSS NAT'ing the source address of clients before the sessions are forwarded to the backend server, thereby forcing the return traffic through the CSS. Hopefully, your server app doesn't need to see the true client IP addresses, (most don't). If it does, you'll need to place the CSS in-line between the client(s) and server(s) from either a L2 or L3 perspective.

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