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New Member

CSS Configuration

Problem Details: Configured CSS 11501,in active/standby mode, I need configuration

assistance where in whenever our application connects to the load Balancer it should stick

to that particular server and it should not time out at all.

Any configuration so that the application sticks to the particular servers behind the load

balancer and doesnt time out at all.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS Configuration

to really get the right configuration we would need to know more about the application.

One way you can do this is with source IP Sticky. By default it does not timeout, but when the very large sticky table gets full the CSS will overwrite the entry that has been idle the longest. I have worked with many customers who never fill up the sticky tables.

If this is HTTP based you might be better off using cookies. There are 2 methods to utilize cookie sticky on the CSS: 1) you can have the CSS insert the cookie 2) you can stick based on cookies the server sets.

If you use cookies it maybe possible to attain the "never timeout" criteria as long as the client cookie doesnt expire (and the client doesn't clear cookies)

But, as I stated above, to really help here we would need more details on the nature of your application and what you really mean by "never timeout". (can we timeout after one day of idle?)


New Member

Re: CSS Configuration

Thanks for your inputs

It solved our issue when configured an

advanced-balanced sticky-srcip

sticky-inact-timeout XX



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