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CSS dropping the connections


We have cisco CSS CSS11050 running on 5.00 Build 45, I have a pretty simple and stragight forward configuration.

I have two server sitting in a server farm, our QA users are the process of the testing, when the start the load with more than 50 users the load runs into an error "Error -27791: Server "" has shut down the connection prematurely" this is the error they QA user see, when the run the load less thatn 50 users it works fine and when they run the load more than fifty users without involving the Loadbalancer (ie. directly hitting the servers) and it works fine.. when the LB comes into picture with more than 50 users we are seeing the error.

can any one please help on this.

Cisco Employee

Re: CSS dropping the connections

since we're talking about network, we need network facts - not applicaton error messages.

So, could you please capture a sniffer trace and see what's going on.

Is there a RESET coming from the CSS ?

Also, I would STRONGLY recommend to upgrade to a version less than 2 years old. 5.0(45) is very very old. Go to a 6.10 and re-test making sure to capture a sniffer trace.

Be aware that the CSS does not like idle connections.

So if it detects a connection idle more than 8 sec it may kill it assuming the client is dead.

Maybe in your test with more than 50 users the idle time increases.



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