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New Member

CSS flow based balancing and control?

Hi experts,

We have to deal with a wierd behavior of some application from one of the well known vendors in our datacenter. Thing is that the app can not handle more than certain number of TCP sessions/flows at a given moment and starts behaving poorly by resetting clients. We have a server farm that is behind a CSS and I wonder if the CSS can setup a threshold on how many TCP sessions can be established to a server in the loadbalanced pool and in case the threshold is reached the CSS will not send any traffic to a server with maximum TCP connection/flow limit reached. Once all the servers are maxed we would like to send the clients to a "sorry" server which with gracefully "puch back" the clinets...

Can this be done at all?

Thanks in advance.



Re: CSS flow based balancing and control?

Use "max connections" under service definition

and use sorry servers.Sorry server will be used if the maximum connections value

is exceeded.

I have configured such scenario on CSM with Success. I haven't tried it on CSS.

I think it should work.

for details

Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

New Member

Re: CSS flow based balancing and control?

Thanks Syed - will try that.

Just want to make sure if max TCP connections reached the CSS marks the service unavailable and if all services maxed out the "sorry" sever will kick in?

Can someone confirm this is expected behavior?


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