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CSS Flow Management

We are running V7.10 on a 11503 and use permanent ports for 80/443 (I'm not sure this is necessary, but that's another topic).

Is there a command (in debug perhaps) available to manually reset a flow entry?

Given that we have permanent ports and global persistent reset remap:

If one device in an established flow terminates but not cleanly, how does the CSS respond when an attempt is made to establish what it considers to be an already active flow?

New Member

Re: CSS Flow Management

Question #1, I just found the command: flow kill individual in debug.

Still looking for direction for the second question.

This question came from a recent problem where no sessions could be established for one VIP, while all others were processing normally. The affected Web servers had been updated and booted individually, and the intervening Reverse Proxy server was also being updated. However, sessions were failing at a point when all components should have been fully reset and "clean". It is not clear what triggered it, but the VIP finally started responding. I can't correlate the resumption of the VIP working to a specific reset or timeout value.

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